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Add Drop Day

I have been to Hell and so has anyone who has experienced add/drop at CSU, It doesn’t take much to be condemned to add/drop. It happens when you find a “sorry” on your schedule, meaning that for whatever reason you can’t have the class you signed up for and you must compete in Moby Gym with thousands of other rejects to pick up a new class.. They’re called “sorries” but those responsible aren’t sorry at all. They’re too busy running a university to be concerned with miserable students.

Colorado State yearbook 87/88

They eventually automated this process with a phone system where you’d call in and punch in the numbers of the course you wanted. No more waiting in line. Now I assume the whole thing is internet based.

During the phone process era I knew a guy, (a senior – who thus had priority in the queue), who said he registered for as many in demand classes as he could, then on the last possible day, he dropped the ones he didn’t actually want, consequently keeping other students from registering for them. The idea was to stick it to the system that had so often thwarted him.

The Lost Cause Mythology

The important Lost Causes in history have all been at heart compelling stories about noble defeats that were, with time, forged into political movements of renewal: the French after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 and the profound need for national revanche; Germany after the Great War and its “stab in the back” theory that led over the 1920s to the rise of the nationalism and racism of the Nazis; and the white South after our Civil War. All Lost Causes find their lifeblood in lies, big and small, lies born of beliefs in search of a history that can be forged into a story and mobilize masses of people to act politically, violently, and in the name of ideology.

The story demands a religious loyalty. It must be protected, reinforced, practiced in ritual and infused with symbols. What is the Trumpian claim of a stolen election but an elaborate fiction that fights to make the reality and truth of the unbelievers irrelevant. Some myths are benign as cultural markers; but others are rooted in big lies so strong as engines of resentment that they can fill parade grounds and endless political rallies, or motivate the storming of the U.S. Capitol in a quixotic attempt to overthrow an election.

How Trumpism May Endure
The Confederacy built a lasting myth of victory out of defeat. Trump and his followers may, too.

David Blight, NYTIMES

How Long Can You Hold on to a Resentment?

To the end, he nourished his loathing for my mother’s family. When he was eighty, he had to go for prostate surgery, and everybody was worried, it was very scary. Eventually, he was wheeled out of the operating room, and the surgeon said he’d come through very well, but my mother wanted to make sure. “I need to go in and see him.” So they let her into the recovery room and she came out a few minutes later, crying
“My God,” I said, “what happened?”
“He’s cursing my brother Nat,” she said.
“He’s cursing my brother Nat. What does he want from my brother Nat? Nat’s been dead for forty years.”
So I went in and asked him, “What do you want from Mom? Why are you cursing her brother Nat? Nat’s been dead for forty years.” And my father said, “Dead don’t make you better.”

Alan King. Name Dropping