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Tech Bros – Example Of

(Rap) Genius was one of the most unlikable tech startups of the past decade-plus. On a purely aesthetic level, its founders dressed like this and wore sunglasses indoors. They were non-Black people making money off of an overwhelmingly Black art form. They went from Yale and Stanford to working at hedge funds and law firms to deciding their new corporate image should be “we’re not afraid to tell Warren Buffett to suck a dick.” They said their site wasn’t “just crowdsourced…it was homiesourced…then we decided we wanted it to be ballersourced.” One of them got fired for writing that the manifesto left behind by incel spree murderer Elliot Rodger was “beautifully written” and that he guessed that Rodger’s sister was “smokin hot.”

True Genius: How to go from “the future of journalism” to a fire sale in a few short years
Genius (née Rap Genius) wanted to “annotate the world” and give your content a giant comment section you can’t control. Now it can’t pay back its investors.

Plague Driving People Nuts – Journal of the Plague Year – Daniel Defoe

Nay, a few were so enthusiastically ambitious as to run approximately the streets with their oral predictions, pretending they were despatched to evangelise to the town; and one mainly, who, like Jonah to Nineveh, cried within the streets, ‘Yet 40 days, and London will be destroyed.’ I will not be superb whether he said yet 40 days or but some days. Another ran about naked, except a pair of drawers about his waist, crying day and night time, like a person that Josephus mentions, who cried, ‘Woe to Jerusalem!’ a little earlier than the destruction of that city. So this terrible naked creature cried, ‘Oh, the remarkable and the dreadful God!’ and stated no extra, but repeated the ones words continually, with a voice and countenance complete of horror, a speedy tempo; and nobody should ever discover him to stop or rest, or take any sustenance, at least that ever I ought to hear of. I met this terrible creature several times within the streets, and might have spoken to him, however he might not enter into speech with me or anyone else, but held on his dismal cries always.

A Journal of the Plague Year
Daniel Defoe

Some time in the first few months of Covid, in 2020, there was a guy walking down the street outside my place. “Fuck Covid!” He yelled, loud enough for the neighborhood to hear. My guess was that he’d just lost some job prospect, or something fell through due to the shutdown.

Distributed Online Research, Example of – Reddit, What is this?

What is this court? It doesn’t have basketball hoops and appears too long and skinny for anything I can think of. Also, it’s almost as long as 2 residential lots as seen in the picture. from whatisthisthing

I’ve researched the hell out of this thing, at this point I’m convinced it was a custom job designed for either a high-level athlete to practice a very specific thing or possibly some homebrewed sport invented by the owner. I can’t find ANY sport for which this might be a regulation court.

EDIT: Ok wait, just saw that there’s apparently another exact replica found in some city park in 2020. Maybe some landscaping company mocked this up as a General Use court you could just pluck off the shelf??? I bet some Toledo-based rink installers just whipped it up.

I’ve also been researching a ton, I even went onto Google maps, figuring out that there’s a playground sign on either side of it. I read a listing for the house next door to it on a realtor website and that didn’t mention anything either. I can’t find anything online for playgrounds or parks on cribb street ohio. It’s also surrounded by a fence and pretty overgrown, it that helps at all. Edit: I research about the apartments next door to it, Riviera Maia, still nothing in all the listings or reviews. I’m officially giving up now, here’s my white flag 🏳 Good luck.

Based on historic aerial photos, It was originally built between 1955 and 1963, as two singles only tennis courts, end to end. The width of the singles court is 27′ which matches exactly. You can clearly see the playing area and the serving areas as different colors and another fence in the middle. It existed like this until sometime between 1985 and 1999. By 1999 the court surface was (probably cheaply) resurfaced and they just threw on the bastardized hockey layout.


Q and A with Wendy’s Employee

I work at a wendys, AMA from AMA

What is your best “Ma’am/Sir, this is a Wendy’s” moment?

A dude came through and kept trying to sell us cocaine and heroin, we had to call the cops cause he wouldn’t leave

What are the things you like the most about working at Wendy’s ?

Free food, none of the managers give a shit and free weed

free weed
Wait, what?

My manager gives a lot of weed out since she doesn’t have the power to give medical benefits

Worst Karen Story?

A lady came through asking for a big Mac and wanted to call the district manager and ceo when we didn’t have it

I- was she trolling or legitimately serious

She was deadass, to the point where she was screaming

Happens at least once a week

What’s the dirtiest thing to order there? Cleanest?

Dirtiest-fountain drinks with ice, no one in the store has ever cleaned the ice machine and the oldest employee has been there for 4 years. Cleanest- homestyle/classic chicken, we clean the chicken fryer every night and none of the ingredients are ever super old

Everytime i eat at a Wendy’s and get a drink from the new coke fountains it taste like a combination of every flavor that machine serves. Why?

The machine nozzle is supposed to be cleaned every day.im the only one who cleans ours, and most wendys just straight up don’t clean em

It’s been about 23 years since my stint at Wendy’s. Do they still have training videos with the horrid “white, red, green” song to teach you the order of toppings?

Sadly yes

Denver Air Quality – Bad

Photo taken on Saturday. Here’s what the Times has to say:

By one measure, wildfires — intensified by drought and climate change — rival transportation as the largest source of potentially deadly air pollution in California. And in recent weeks, the accumulating haze and smoke from California’s fires and high ozone levels have turned the air in Salt Lake City and Denver into some of the dirtiest in the world, more harmful than Delhi’s or Beijing’s on many recent days.

The Ashes of the Dixie Fire Cast a Pall 1,000 Miles From Its Flames
The megafires of the West are sending out giant clouds of smoke and leaving a footprint much larger than the evergreen forests they level and the towns they decimate.
Livia Albeck-Ripka, Thomas Fuller and Jack Healy

Ex Cons and the Workplace – JP Morgan CEO Wants More Opportunity

One in three American adults — more than 70 million people — have some type of criminal record. To put this in perspective, about the same number of Americans have college degrees right now.

Unfortunately, these Americans, who were incarcerated or have a conviction on their record, are essentially unable to secure good jobs in this country. Nearly half of formerly incarcerated people are unemployed one year after leaving prison. That is a moral outrage.

This group is ready to work and deserves a second chance — an opportunity to fill the millions of job openings across the country. Yet our criminal justice system continues to block them from doing so.

If You Paid Your Debt to Society, You Should Be Allowed to Work
Jamie Dimon

Eviction Moratorium – Ending Tonight

For almost a year, a federal moratorium on evictions allowed tenants who suffered economic losses from the coronavirus pandemic to stay in their homes.

Now, the moratorium’s scheduled expiration at midnight on Saturday has left renters around the country packing their belongings and facing an uncertain future as they search for housing options. Already, homeless shelters have been adding beds in preparation for an influx of people in need of a safe place to live.

The Census Bureau’s most recent Household Pulse Survey, which captures the impacts of the pandemic, found that 3.6 million people thought it was somewhat or very likely they would be evicted within the next two months.

For Tenants Nationwide, a Scramble to Pay Months of Rent or Face Eviction
A federal eviction moratorium is scheduled to end on Saturday. Many tenants are packing up and facing an uncertain future.
Sophie Kasakove