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Bless Your Heart – Southern Euphemism and Other Examples of Trump White House Erudition

In the meantime, it gave me great joy to compose an email to Meadows saying in part “Thank you for offering me half of my job, but I have accepted the position of Chief of Staff for the First Lady” and would be heading back to the East Wing. His response to me was a little psycho in my opinion: “Bless your heart. We’ll talk about this more on Monday.” “Bless your heart,” by the way, is known as a nice way to say “Fuck you” in the South.

I’ll Take Your Questions Now
Stephanie Grisham

I’m Doing Ok

Some responses:
It is what it is or everything is everything.

Right here between Oh Lord and Thank God.

I’m straight.

I can’t call it, might spoil it.

Better to be seen than viewed.

Too blessed to be stressed.

Cooler than the polar Bear’s toenails.

You know how it is.

I’m tryin to catch up to you Playa.

If I was any better there’d be two of me.

Just tryna make a dollar outta 15 cents.

Fair to middlin.

I’m all good.

I’m not where I want to be but I’m not where I was.

Reebusacassafram – Invented Filler Word

DUBNER: All right, well, Levitt, I feel indebted to you because I feel it’s if not valuable, then at least useful, and I use it now and again. And so I would like to return the favor, to give you something that you can use in certain circumstances. So here’s the thing. Do you ever have a circumstance where you’re interacting with someone, maybe kind of in passing and they say something to you and you don’t quite catch it, or they say something to you that you don’t want to have heard but you kind of need to say something? You ever have that at all?

LEVITT: Yeah, all the time.

DUBNER: All right, so here’s what you say. You ready? You might want to write it down.


DUBNER: You say, “reebusacassafram.” Let me hear you say that.

LEVITT: Say it one more time.

DUBNER: Reebusacassafram.

LEVITT: Reebus Acassafram?

DUBNER: More like one word. Reebusacassafram.

LEVITT: Reebusacassafram.

DUBNER: Good. Right. So, that is a phrase that was invented that was by some genius. I don’t know who. I do know where I learned to say this was from the former dean of students at Darmouth and he was always getting in these conversations in passing where he had to have the response but he had no idea what the person was talking about. It might have been talking about a relative of yours or a former encounter. I could see you using this a lot. And you want to say something on your way out, you don’t want to be rude but you have no idea what the response is. If you say “reebusacassafram,” the human ear will interpret that in one of a hundred different ways and they will almost certainly think that you actually said something real when you didn’t.

That’s a Great Question! (Ep. 192 Rebroadcast)
Verbal tic or strategic rejoinder? Whatever the case: it’s rare to come across an interview these days where at least one question isn’t a “great” one.

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