Medieval Mystery, Folk, and Morality Plays – Introduction to

Not long after drama reappeared in the unlikely home of European churches, the church decided again it didn’t like theater. And so, the budding dramatic scene was kicked out into the harsh elements of the outdoors. So, they started having plays outdoors. Today we’ll learn about mystery plays, cycle plays, pageant wagons, and how medieval European theater moved from being a religious phenomenon to a secular one.

The other important medieval genre is the morality play, which Hildegarde of Bingen started. The most famous morality play is “Everyman,” which is still performed annually and often updated. Morality plays have one simple message: YOU GONNA DIE. So you’d better get your act together, because all that love and wealth and fun aren’t gonna follow you six feet under.

Hot Patootie – Meat Loaf, Rocky Horror Picture Show

He joined the high school choir in order to avoid study hall, and from then on, singing became his main passion. After completing high school at 15, he travelled around with a number of bands. By the time he settled down in New York, live rock music was no longer in so much demand as before. “That’s one reason I went into theatre,” he remarks. “Another reason was because someone hired me and I didn’t have a job.” As a singer and actor, Meat performed in some 10 Broadway and Off Broadway productions, including Hair and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in which he also appeared in the 1975 film.

100 New Yorkers of the 1970s, Max Millard

You Really Got a Hold on Me – The Miracles

I don’t like you, but I love you,
Seems that I’m always thinking of you.
Oh, oh, oh, you treat me badly,
I love you madly, you really got a hold on me.
You really got a hold on me, baby,
I don’t want you, but I need you,
Don’t want to kiss you, but I need you.
Oh, oh, oh, you do me wrong now,
My love is strong now you really got a hold on me.
You really got a hold on me, baby,
I love you and all I want you to do is just hold me,
Hold me, hold me, hold me.
I want to leave you, don’t want to stay here
Don’t want to spend another day here.
Oh, oh, oh, I want to…