Bonnie Raitt – You Got It

From the Soundtrack to the movie Boys on the Side.
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1. You Got It – Bonnie Raitt
2. I Take You With Me – Melissa Etheridge
3. Keep On Growing – Sheryl Crow
4. Power Of Two – Indigo Girls
5. Somebody Stand By Me – Stevie Nicks
6. Everyday Is Like Sunday – The Pretenders
7. Dreams – The Cranberries
8. Why – Annie Lennox
9. Ol’55 – Sarah McLachlan
10. Willow – Joan Armatrading
11. Crossroads – Jonell Mosser
12. You Got It – Whoopi Goldberg
13. You Got It – Bonnie Raitt

GWAR – What’s In My Bag?

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Huey Lewis – What’s In My Bag?

Huey Lewis goes shopping at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. Huey Lewis & the News are releasing ‘Weather,’ their first new album since 2001, on February 14, 2020 via BMG.

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Intrusive Thoughts, Handling of

First tip I’m going to give to you is to tell you now what not to do. Right, don’t fight against them don’t try to push them away don’t argue with them because if you do so you’re just gonna make them stronger. It’s like if I told you don’t think of pink elephants what’s the first thing you think of? Pink elephants. Instead it’s better to practice non-resistance like they do in the martial arts and just observe your thoughts without trying to grab on to them or push them away. You can see them as leaves floating down a river or clouds passing overhead…

Mirror Neurons

You’re walking through a park when out of nowhere, the man in front of you gets smacked by an errant Frisbee. Automatically, you recoil in sympathy. Or you’re watching a race, and you feel your own heart racing with excitement as the runners vie to cross the finish line first. Or you see a woman sniff some unfamiliar food and wrinkle her nose in disgust. Suddenly, your own stomach turns at the thought of the meal.

For years, such experiences have puzzled psychologists, neuroscientists and philosophers, who’ve wondered why we react at such a gut level to other people’s actions. How do we understand, so immediately and instinctively, their thoughts, feelings and intentions?

Now, some researchers believe that a recent discovery called mirror neurons might provide a neuroscience-based answer to those questions. Mirror neurons are a type of brain cell that respond equally when we perform an action and when we witness someone else perform the same action.

Lea Winerman, The Mind’s Mirror,