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Q and A with Wendy’s Employee

I work at a wendys, AMA from AMA

What is your best “Ma’am/Sir, this is a Wendy’s” moment?

A dude came through and kept trying to sell us cocaine and heroin, we had to call the cops cause he wouldn’t leave

What are the things you like the most about working at Wendy’s ?

Free food, none of the managers give a shit and free weed

free weed
Wait, what?

My manager gives a lot of weed out since she doesn’t have the power to give medical benefits

Worst Karen Story?

A lady came through asking for a big Mac and wanted to call the district manager and ceo when we didn’t have it

I- was she trolling or legitimately serious

She was deadass, to the point where she was screaming

Happens at least once a week

What’s the dirtiest thing to order there? Cleanest?

Dirtiest-fountain drinks with ice, no one in the store has ever cleaned the ice machine and the oldest employee has been there for 4 years. Cleanest- homestyle/classic chicken, we clean the chicken fryer every night and none of the ingredients are ever super old

Everytime i eat at a Wendy’s and get a drink from the new coke fountains it taste like a combination of every flavor that machine serves. Why?

The machine nozzle is supposed to be cleaned every day.im the only one who cleans ours, and most wendys just straight up don’t clean em

It’s been about 23 years since my stint at Wendy’s. Do they still have training videos with the horrid “white, red, green” song to teach you the order of toppings?

Sadly yes

Frito Lay Strike Ends

Hundreds of Frito-Lay employees ratified a contract on Saturday, ending a nearly three-week strike over forced overtime and long hours that many workers said had pushed them past the point of exhaustion, union officials said.

The agreement, which was ratified in a vote that one union official described as close, puts an end to what workers at the Frito-Lay plant in Topeka, Kan., call “suicide shifts” — back-to-back 12-hour shifts with only an eight-hour break in between.

“The outcome of this strike was a testament to the tenacity and grit of the Frito-Lay workers in Topeka,” Anthony Shelton, international president of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, which represents the employees who are members of Local 218, said in a statement.

Maria Cramer

Stoner Orders Pizza – Best of Craigslist

To The Stoner Who Works At Cottage Inn Pizza
You: the guy who answers the phone at cottage inn pizza
Me: Hungry and stoned out of my gourd

I called you from my cell phone but had completely forgot who I was calling by the time you answered the phone. Of course, you were also baked to bajeezus and forgot to tell me that I had called Cottage Inn.

When you answered and said, “Whatsup?” I thought about it, and after a 20 second pause I told you that was hungry. You suggested I try a pizza, and I agreed that it was probably a good idea.

Then I asked you if you sold pizza and you said that you could make me one. I said I wanted anchovies and something else on my pizza. You asked me what that something else was.

We spent five minutes listing toppings until we figured out that I was trying to remember how to say: “Sun dried Tomatoes.” When you said: “We’ll bake that right up for you,” we both started laughing uncontrollably.

It was the best pizza I ever had; I just wanted to thank you for helping me out.


Hollywood (Noodle) Bowl

That’s when I discovered the wonders of Top Ramen, and after some experimentation I hit upon the perfect modifications to provide a filling meal for about a buck a serving:
– Bring a pot of water to a hard boil.
– Add ramen noodles and a package of frozen mixed vegetables and cook for three minutes.
– Crack a raw egg into the boiling soup and let cook for an additional thirty seconds.
– Turn off hot plate and stir in powdered flavor packet from the ramen noodles.

Another discovery: for an occasional break from ramen, the low-rent hotel on my block offered a happy hour buffet. If you bought a beer, you could gorge yourself on pig-in-the-blankets, fried mozzarella sticks, and french fries.

It’s So Easy: and other lies
Duff McKagan

Thanksgiving Macaroni and Cheese – Secret Ingredient? Love

Famous mac and cheese recipe. Don’t tell anyone but the secret ingredient is love! from r/funny

That’s hilarious. When I worked at Quiznos a lady ordered 6 bowls of chili over the phone and showed up with a big pot to pour it in

About six years ago I saw a dude do this at a tim hortons with their soup.

It was potato something or other and he’s standing there trying to explain that he forgot about a pot luck at work and how much to fill his pot up.

My friend’s husband won a chili cook-off with brisket he got from a chain BBQ restaurant. I thought that was some real bullshit, especially because we live in Texas.

My dad won a chili cook-off with chili from a can once.

I won a chili cookoff once. I was prepared for serious competition. I watched a few low production value “award winning” chili videos on Youtube by guys with thick Southern accents who sounded like they knew what they were talking about when it came to chili. I took pointers from each video and used that knowledge to make the Voltron of “award winning” chilis. It was pretty damn good chili. I would give it a solid 8. Maybe a 9.

The competition was sad and depressing. Unseasoned ground beef water with beans. I probably could have won it with a higher quality canned chili. At the very least people raved about my own entry. It vanished. I had numerous requests for the recipe.

Judge Halts Trump Foodstamp Cutback

A federal judge struck down a Trump administration rule that would have reduced food stamp benefits to nearly 700,000 people.

In her Sunday ruling, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell wrote that implementing the change “radically and abruptly alters decades of regulatory practice, leaving States scrambling and exponentially increasing food insecurity for tens of thousands of Americans.”

Tim Fitzsimons

Forced Labor in the Seafood Industry – The New York Times


As he paused in front of a seafood freezer, with its festively labeled bags of frozen shrimp, Mr. Lorr discussed the many ethical quandaries involving seafood, which Mr. Lorr saw firsthand, reporting from docks in Thailand.

Mr. Lorr interviewed immigrants from Burma, some of them former prisoners forced to toil unpaid on fishing boats. One worker, identified in the book as Tun-Lin, recalled watching his best friend beaten and tossed overboard when he became delirious from exhaustion. Others were whipped with stingray tails.

But there is not much that Americans can do as consumers to improve working conditions abroad, Mr. Lorr said.

“A boycott sounds compelling, but because of the volume and complexity of the supply chain, it’s overly simplistic,” he said. “There are so many good actors caught up with bad actors. Also, you boycott Thailand, or any country, and market pressures lead to the same problems cropping up somewhere else.”

Alex Williams The Ugly (and Glorious) Truth About American Supermarkets NYTIMES

Tell Your Lawmaker to Protect the Programs That Feed Hungry Kids

1 in 7 kids in America struggle with hunger. This takes a profound toll on their health, their happiness, and their ability to find success in the future.

But ending childhood hunger is a problem with a solution. As a member of congress, you have the chance to help end hunger for kids in our country. Please support and protect the federal nutrition programs that provide children in need with consistent, reliable access to food.

This is important for kids; it’s also important for your state. When we make sure kids get the food they need, they feel better, learn more and grow up stronger. And that means a smarter, healthier, economically stronger state.

Programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, school meals and WIC work together to make sure kids have access to the food they need, regardless of zip code, age or time of year. This is fundamental to ending childhood hunger in our state and across America.

I urge you to support these programs. Kids are counting on you.

You can go here and send this message to your lawmaker:
No Kid Hungry