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Add Drop Day

I have been to Hell and so has anyone who has experienced add/drop at CSU, It doesn’t take much to be condemned to add/drop. It happens when you find a “sorry” on your schedule, meaning that for whatever reason you can’t have the class you signed up for and you must compete in Moby Gym with thousands of other rejects to pick up a new class.. They’re called “sorries” but those responsible aren’t sorry at all. They’re too busy running a university to be concerned with miserable students.

Colorado State yearbook 87/88

They eventually automated this process with a phone system where you’d call in and punch in the numbers of the course you wanted. No more waiting in line. Now I assume the whole thing is internet based.

During the phone process era I knew a guy, (a senior – who thus had priority in the queue), who said he registered for as many in demand classes as he could, then on the last possible day, he dropped the ones he didn’t actually want, consequently keeping other students from registering for them. The idea was to stick it to the system that had so often thwarted him.

The Food Bank of the Rockies

1 in 10 Coloradans worry where their next meal will come from. These are people you meet every day- those with low wage jobs, children, seniors on fixed incomes, those with health issues. Surprisingly, the homeless represent only 10% of our food recipients. Nearly half of the food we distribute feeds children.

Less than 4 cents of every dollar for administration. 96 cents of every dollar contributed goes towards food distribution. And every dollar we receive helps provides four meals for our hungry neighbors.

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Helping Colorado Homeless – Covid Pandemic

“Corona Virus (COVID-19) puts people experiencing homelessness especially at-risk. At Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, our Stout Street Health Center staff are working diligently to provide services to our most vulnerable population during this crisis. We are in need of supplies for our staff and patients. Thank you for being a part of this effort! Shipping address: 2130 Stout St Denver, CO 80205 (Stout Street Health Center)”

Here’s their Amazon wishlist if you want to help out:

Can I take a bus to ski in Colorado? Yes. Check out the Snowstang, the Denver Ski Bus

the Colorado Department of Transportation has partnered with three ski resorts, including Loveland Ski Area, to run round-trip buses on weekends. Because buses are more efficient than cars at moving large numbers of people on a tight, winding two-lane highway, state officials hope they’ll take enough cars off the road to alleviate some congestion.

“It was great. I think it’s the future,” said Mohan, a first-time bus rider.

Colorado Public Radio

Bustang is proud to bring a new steed to the stable. This winter, Snowstang is here to bring skiers, snowboarders, and nature enthusiasts to three of Colorado’s best mountain resorts. From Arapahoe Basin, to Loveland and Steamboat, Snowstang makes sure everybody has the opportunity to get waist-deep in some powder.

Starting December 14, Snowstang will provide 40 days of service to the three ski areas on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as the Martin Luther King Jr. and Presidents Day holidays. For all three lines, passengers can board at Denver Union Station or the Denver Federal Center. Tickets start at $25.00 Roundtrip for Arapahoe Basin and Loveland. It will be $40.00 Roundtrip for Steamboat Springs. Additional discounts will be available for Seniors and Children.