Dreamweaver – Gary Wright

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Aldo Uriel
All Movies That Come Out
Wayne’s World (1992)
Wayne’s World 2 (1993)
The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)
Trick (1999)
The Convent (2000)
Aldo Uriel (2002)
Daddy Day Care (2003)
Toy Story 3 (2010)
Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)
A Family of Killers (2018)

how versatile a song can be, to be featured in so many different movie genres :’D

A Shaffer
This song encapsulates for me my last years growing up in Tehran, Iran (yes, that Iran!), in the late 70s. I would “borrow” my dad’s shortwave radio and sneak up to the roof of our house on those hot summer nights. There, most all roofs are flat giving a great view of the night sky. I would lay on my sleeping bag with the radio as my dreamweaver train, slowly scanning frequencies from around the world while gazing deep into the starry sky. I recall coming across this song frequently and would always pause to listen to whole song. While tracking a satellite slowly drifting across the night sky, or catching a fleeting shooting star, my mind would weave dreams of magnificent things and I knew then that my heart was on fire, my soul was like a wheel turning and my love was alive.

I’ve just closed my eyes again
Climbed aboard the dream weaver train
Driver take away my worries of today
And leave tomorrow behind

Ooh, dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Ooh, dream weaver
I believe we can reach the morning light

Fly me high through the starry skies
Maybe to an astral plane
Cross the highways of fantasy
Help me to forget today’s pain

Ooh, dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Ooh, dream weaver
I believe we can reach the morning light

Though the dawn may be coming soon
There still may be some time
Fly me away to the bright side of the moon
Meet me on the other side

Ooh, dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Ooh, dream weaver
I believe we can reach the morning light

Dream weaver
Dream weaver


Revolt Against Artificial Intelligence – Science Fiction Example – Dune

The Butlerian Jihad a.k.a. The Great Revolt — two generations of chaos (200 BG – 108 BG). The god of machine-logic was overthrown by the masses and a new concept was raised:

“Man may not be replaced.”
After two generations of violence, humanity took pause. Following this, their gods and rituals were looked upon in a different, perhaps even jaded, light. Both were largely seen to be guilty of using fear as a means of control.

Hesitantly, the leaders of religions whose followers had spilled the blood of billions began meeting to exchange views. It was a move encouraged by the Spacing Guild, which was beginning to build its monopoly over all interstellar travel, and by the Bene Gesserit who were organizing their ranks.

By 108 BG, the Jihad itself had finished with the complete destruction of all intelligent machines that were originally built by humans throughout the worlds, but it proved to have many profound impacts on the socio-political and technological development of humanity throughout the new empires that emerged, including a large technological reversal of the entire human civilization.

The most dramatic long-lasting result was the ensuing commandment from the Orange Catholic Bible held sway to humans against the creation of machines which bore the human mind’s exact image: Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind, after the destruction of the man-made intelligent machines throughout the human worlds. Even the simplest computers and calculators were banned, with the penalty for building or owning such a thinking machine technology being put to trial and sentenced to immediate death.


Semi-colon Usage – Reddit

What the hell is a semi-colon and when do I use it. from writing

A semicolon is a colon and a comma mixed together; see what I did there?

You use it to join two clauses which could be two standalone sentences. However you want there to be a slight pause, a skip of the beat as it were, instead of a period between them. I’m not sure how else to explain it.

It’s not that hard to explain; you could have just done it like this.

I think you look beautiful tonight; your sister is hot af though.

I said that to my wife once; I’m single now.

I said that to your wife once, too; neither of us are single now.


Software Development Failure Rates

In 2008, IBM reported that 60% of IT projects fail. In 2009, ZDNet reported that 68% of software projects fail.

By 2018, Information Age reported that number had worsened to 71% of software projects being considered failures. Deloitte characterized our failure rate as “appalling.” It warns that 75% of Enterprise Resource Planning projects fail, and Smart Insights reveals that 84% of digital transformation projects fail.

In 2017 Tech Republic reported that big data projects fail 85% of the time.

According to McKinsey, 17% of the time, IT projects go so badly that they threaten the company’s very existence.

Hewitt, Eben. Semantic Software Design

Driving While Black – Questlove Anecdote

So that was my one and only car. I had a ritual that when we finished a record I would take the finished mix and listen to it as I drove around. This is a common practice in the record industry. In the basement at one of the studios we recorded in, they had a full-size van that engineers used to sit in when they were working on a record. Jimmy Iovine told us that back in the seventies, he used to have a half-car set into the wall so that people could listen to albums in their natural environment. When we wrapped How I Got Over, I put it in my jacket pocket and went out to the Scion, Portable Studio A, to take it around Philadelphia and see if it held up. It was late Saturday night, early Sunday morning. No one was around except for the cops, and after about fifteen minutes one of them pulled me over. The first officer checked my license, gave it back to me, let me go. About fifteen minutes later, I was pulled over again, same thing: license, please; thank you, sir; you can go.

The album was working for me – I liked what I heard – but after a little while I was hungry, so I got myself a fish sandwich on Broad Street and pulled over to eat it. That’s when the third police cruiser pulled up alongside of me. The officer got out, walked up to the car, shined his flashlight through the window.

“Evening,” he said.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m Questlove.”

He stared at me for a second, eyes narrowed in confusion, and then his face uncreased. “Oh, yeah,” he said. “Hi.” He came closer to the car, friendly now.

I was happy that he wasn’t giving me any trouble, but now my curiosity was aroused. “Tell me something,” I said. “What’s the matter? Why am I a magnet for you guys tonight?”

“Oh,” he said. “That’s easy. We’re in the Temple University neighborhood.”

“Right,” I said.

“And you’re in this car.”

“And me in this car what?” I loved my Scion. It was part of my identity. I thought anything more lavish was the kind of thing a drug dealer would drive. This was the car of a thoughtful artist, a man who didn’t live through his material possessions.

“It’s the wrong car for you,” he said. “It just doesn’t look right. If you were driving an SUV, you’d look like a professional football player. But this little thing sets off alarms. It looks like you took it from a college student.”

Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove
Thompson, Ahmir “Questlove”

Note – this book was one of –The 50 Greatest Rock Memoirs of All Time – Rolling Stone List

Your Wake Defines You – The Codes That Guide Our Lives – The New York Times – Letters to Editor

Just inside a harbor on Fidalgo Island, gateway to Washington’s San Juan Islands, I recall seeing a small rectangular sign on the end of a dock declaring “Your Wake Defines You” in red, black and white lettering, intended for boats that create havoc if they pass too quickly. This has also become my mantra.

No matter what I am doing, I always pay attention to the impact my choices have on others — from close relationships to what goes in my trash.


There were some other good ones in there.