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The Algorithm Did It

Stanford Hospital staff protesting the decision by higher ups to give vaccines to admins at home from r/pics

“There is an enormous demonstration going on at Stanford Hospital right now carried out by staff, who are protesting the decision by higher ups to give vaccines to some administrators and physicians who are at home and not in contact with patients INSTEAD of frontline workers.” Twitter

Only Seven of Stanford’s First 5,000 Vaccines Were Designated for Medical Residents. Stanford Medicine officials relied on a faulty algorithm to determine who should get vaccinated first, and it prioritized some high-ranking doctors over patient-facing medical residents.

Algorithm issue my ass.

You prioritized age, and in so seniority, and didn’t prioritize Frontline work, and depriotize those working from home.

It doesn’t matter if you asked a computer to then run the numbers, you set the rules.

The sentence should be “Hospital administration did not prioritize front line workers but instead accounted for seniority in distributing the vaccine. As a result only 7 of the first 5,000 vaccines for staff will go to Frontline workers. These results were accepted without further scrutiny or adjustments by the administrators incharge of doing so.”

“The algorithm did it” is increasingly an excuse used for shitty management decisions.

Yup. Algorithms are created by people. The correct phrasing is “the algorithm was written to do it.”

Random *unpopular* Opinions /r/unpopularopinion/

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Samuel Paty

French President Emmanuel Macron has paid tribute to “quiet hero” Samuel Paty, the teacher who was beheaded last Friday.

Mr Paty was targeted close to his school near Paris for showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in class.

His killer, 18-year-old Abdullakh Anzorov, was shot dead by police.

Speaking at a televised memorial service on Wednesday, Mr Macron told viewers that France “will not give up our cartoons”.

The service was attended by the teacher’s family and some 400 guests.

The coffin was brought into the ceremony on the shoulders of a guard of honour and to the sound of the song “One” by the rock group U2.

On top of the casket was Mr Paty’s Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest honour. It was posthumously awarded to Mr Paty.


Judge Halts Trump Foodstamp Cutback

A federal judge struck down a Trump administration rule that would have reduced food stamp benefits to nearly 700,000 people.

In her Sunday ruling, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell wrote that implementing the change “radically and abruptly alters decades of regulatory practice, leaving States scrambling and exponentially increasing food insecurity for tens of thousands of Americans.”

Tim Fitzsimons

Context Collapse

As social beings, we adapt our communication to the situation at hand — the “context”.

If you’re a 25 year old student attending University, then you probably talk about different topics, use a different vocabulary, phrase yourself differently and in general behave differently in these situations:

  • A thanksgiving dinner with your parents, siblings and grandparents.
  • A pub-crawl with friends your own age that you study with.
  • A private conversation with a small handful of close friends of yours.
  • A political meeting discussing policy in a political party you’re a member of.
  • Colleagues and/or bosses that you talk to during your part-time job.

Context collapse is what happens when all these widely different social contexts all collide.

If you share something on Facebook with the default “Friends” setting, then you’re effectively sharing it with ALL of the groups above and more. Your different contexts have collapsed and become one; and you might find that you don’t have a lot to say that you’d really like to share with ALL of these people.


Cost of Health Care in the US – Some People’s Experiences

Trump Took Credit for Making Insulin “So Cheap It’s Like Water.” Tell That to People Paying For It. from politics

With good insurance my insulin, pump, and glucometer supplies cost over 650 per month.

Pretty much. I didn’t mind my insurance at my old job. Never went to the doctor either. When I *did* end up having to have stomach surgery, I quickly learned to hate my insurance company. Tried to tell me hernia repair was fucking elective.

Yeah that’s ridiculous. A similar thing happened when my wife had appendicitis. They said it was going to burst and as such would have to remove it. Insurance tried to tell her it was elective so they wouldn’t be covering the $77,000 hospital stay. Very crazy.

I’m a teacher and my insurance SUCKS! I had to pay 10k out of pocket 2 yrs in a row for random medical issues. We have a lot of teachers that are much better off on their spouse’s plan. I’d love to see what a good plan looks like

It costs $6 for a 3 month supply of insulin, here in Australia. That’s what’s cheaper than water is Trump, not $300 a week 

There are people from the United States in Southern California that open up pharmacies in Tijuana Mexico specifically for the diabetic market in San Diego. In Mexico, they can sell all types of insulins for pennies on the dollar. Less than what a copay is in the United States with excellent insurance. People drive down there and buy insulin, from a pharmacy owned by someone that lives in the US, for cheaper than what they can get it in the US for. It’s stupid.
… Decent plans disappeared long before the aca. They were well on their way out in The late 90s and early 00s (prolly even before that). I owned a business around 2004, and the overhead for employees to get healthcare was so astronomical, that it’s literally the only reason why we kept everyone as private contractors.

I had the gall bladder removed about four years ago. Still paying off the 20k portion of my bill. It was more (45k) before I fought them over “choosing” out of network doctors when the hospital emergency room I went to was in network.

The Cost of Inequality: $42,000 per Median US Worker – Non Profit News | Nonprofit Quarterly


… the question that Eric Levitz poses in New York Magazine is provocative. And the data, certainly, illustrate the severity of the income shift that has taken place over the past 45 years.

Specifically, Levitz examines a study by Carter Price and Kathryn Edwards from the Rand Corporation. And, yes, that is the same Rand Corporation of Pentagon Papers fame, so it’s fair to call it an establishment-based source. Anyhow, Price and Edwards in their study, which was conducted in partnership with the Fair Work Center, ask the following question: If the share of worker income to total income were the same in 2018 as in 1975, and growth was the same, how much would the median worker earn in 2018?

The answer: $92,000. That’s a full $42,000 greater than the actual 2018 median worker income, which was $50,000.

Steve Dubb
The Cost of Inequality: $42,000 per Median US Worker