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The Lost Cause Mythology

The important Lost Causes in history have all been at heart compelling stories about noble defeats that were, with time, forged into political movements of renewal: the French after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 and the profound need for national revanche; Germany after the Great War and its “stab in the back” theory that led over the 1920s to the rise of the nationalism and racism of the Nazis; and the white South after our Civil War. All Lost Causes find their lifeblood in lies, big and small, lies born of beliefs in search of a history that can be forged into a story and mobilize masses of people to act politically, violently, and in the name of ideology.

The story demands a religious loyalty. It must be protected, reinforced, practiced in ritual and infused with symbols. What is the Trumpian claim of a stolen election but an elaborate fiction that fights to make the reality and truth of the unbelievers irrelevant. Some myths are benign as cultural markers; but others are rooted in big lies so strong as engines of resentment that they can fill parade grounds and endless political rallies, or motivate the storming of the U.S. Capitol in a quixotic attempt to overthrow an election.

How Trumpism May Endure
The Confederacy built a lasting myth of victory out of defeat. Trump and his followers may, too.

David Blight, NYTIMES

Megathread: Congress Certifies the 2020 Presidential Election for President-Elect Biden

Megathread: Congress Certifies the 2020 Presidential Election for President-Elect Biden from r/politics

Got to check Twitter for Trump’s reaction.

Oh, wait……

For those out of the loop:

He will remain suspended from twitter until he deletes three of his last few of tweets.

They’re using a classic toddler parenting tactic.

“No, you pick it up. Your timeout starts when you’re done.”

::sips coffee::

That’s weird, I thought the constitution clearly stated that the election could be reversed if the loser could get a supporter dressed like a buffalo on the senate floor.

Trump supporters died today to try to stop the filing of routine paperwork.

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Get fucked Ted Cruz, you seditious bastard.

How Were Pro-Trump Extremists Able To Storm The U.S. Capitol?

Here and Now, WBUR

National security analyst Malcolm Nance says U.S. Capitol Police management needs to be fired, and the officers involved should be investigated for potential complicity in the insurrection on Wednesday.

On what he expects from the investigation going forward

“I’m not being flippant when I say ISIS is infuriated that they never came up with this idea of coming in through a mass protest, doing a hostage barricade and executing everybody inside the building because that was viable [on Wednesday]. And I don’t know if the people that had five firearms on them or the noose that was set up outside the Capitol, whether they fully intended to have a murder cell in there, who would be completely and wholly independent from the protesters, enter that building, lay siege to it and start killing people.

“Every person in management failed. Every person in that part of the Capitol Hill Police force who allowed those protesters in, who did not guard the building, failed. Now there’s a template for taking over the United States Capitol building. All you need is a mass protest of people who look like anybody other than Black Lives Matter and antifa, and you can just take over a state building. It’s happened before. And I think that in many statehouses across this country, they fear that it’s going to happen again very soon.”

Mitt Romney on the Insurrection

Wednesday, January 6, 2021
WASHINGTON – Following are prepared remarks by Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), who had previously planned to address his colleagues in today’s Senate session:

“We gather today due to a selfish man’s injured pride and the outrage of his supporters whom he has deliberately misinformed for the past two months and stirred to action this very morning. What happened here today was an insurrection, incited by the President of the United States. Those who choose to continue to support his dangerous gambit by objecting to the results of a legitimate, democratic election will forever be seen as being complicit in an unprecedented attack against our democracy. They will be remembered for their role in this shameful episode in American history. That will be their legacy.

“The objectors have claimed they are doing so on behalf of the voters. Have an audit, they say, to satisfy the many people who believe that the election was stolen. Please! No Congressional led audit will ever convince those voters, particularly when the President will continue to claim that the election was stolen. The best way we can show respect for the voters who are upset is by telling them the truth. That is the burden, and the duty, of leadership. The truth is that President-elect Biden won this election. President Trump lost. Scores of courts, the President’s own Attorney General, and state election officials both Republican and Democrat have reached this unequivocal decision.

“We must not be intimidated or prevented from fulfilling our constitutional duty. We must continue with the count of electoral college votes. In light of today’s sad circumstances, I ask my colleagues: Do we weigh our own political fortunes more heavily than we weigh the strength of our Republic, the strength of our democracy, and the cause of freedom? What is the weight of personal acclaim compared to the weight of conscience?

“Leader McConnell said that the vote today is the most important in his 40 plus years of public service. That is not because this vote reveals something about the election; it is because this vote reveals something about ourselves. I urge my colleagues to move forward with completing the electoral count, to refrain from further objections, and to unanimously affirm the legitimacy of the presidential election.”