How Were Pro-Trump Extremists Able To Storm The U.S. Capitol?

Here and Now, WBUR

National security analyst Malcolm Nance says U.S. Capitol Police management needs to be fired, and the officers involved should be investigated for potential complicity in the insurrection on Wednesday.

On what he expects from the investigation going forward

“I’m not being flippant when I say ISIS is infuriated that they never came up with this idea of coming in through a mass protest, doing a hostage barricade and executing everybody inside the building because that was viable [on Wednesday]. And I don’t know if the people that had five firearms on them or the noose that was set up outside the Capitol, whether they fully intended to have a murder cell in there, who would be completely and wholly independent from the protesters, enter that building, lay siege to it and start killing people.

“Every person in management failed. Every person in that part of the Capitol Hill Police force who allowed those protesters in, who did not guard the building, failed. Now there’s a template for taking over the United States Capitol building. All you need is a mass protest of people who look like anybody other than Black Lives Matter and antifa, and you can just take over a state building. It’s happened before. And I think that in many statehouses across this country, they fear that it’s going to happen again very soon.”