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Things That Are Bad But Legal

What is the worst thing that is legal? from r/AskReddit

Impossibly hard to cancel subscriptions.

For profit prisons.

Child marriage

Permanently destroying huge areas of natural land. Nearby from where I live, there’s a development corporation in my hometown that has bought up virtually all of the remaining woods, meadows and wetlands in the area, paved them, and built retail spaces that go vacant just a few months later.

Businesses aren’t even moving into these places but the group just keeps spreading out and “developing”. It seems like every month, I drive past another levelled tract of land, frankly it’s terrible.

Socks: “Fits size 6-12”


Civil Asset Seizure by Police – No Crimes Needed!

Selling textbooks at ridiculous prices.

Or selling a new copy every year with no significant change.

Understanding vs Acceptance, Law Student’s Lesson

When we started jurisdiction in Procedure, Nicky Morris made what seemed an important comment. “About now,” he said, “law school begins to become more than just learning a language. You also have to start learning rules and you’ll find pretty quickly that there’s quite a premium placed on mastering the rules and knowing how to apply them. “But in learning rules, don’t feel as if you’ve got to forsake a sense of moral scrutiny. The law in almost all its phases is a reflection of competing value systems. Don’t get your heads turned around to the point that you feel because you’re learning a rule, you’ve necessarily taken on the values that produced the rule in the first place.

Turow, Scott. One L