Ingmar Bergman Visits Charles Bronson on Set

“Ingmar wanted to visit a working set. Charlie is out here shooting Breakheart Pass, and I got Tom Gries to invite him onto the lot. I introduce him to Charlie. They both know I work for them through Kohner. Charlie says, ‘This is just an action picture, Mr. Bergman. Nothing like what you make.’ Ingmar says, ‘No, no! I am fascinated! Tell me what you are doing today.’ Charlie says, ‘Well, I get shot.’ He takes off his shirt and shows his trick vest. ‘This vest has these little squibs that explode and release fake blood. But you know all this stuff. You make movies.’ Ingmar says, ‘No, no! I’ve never seen this before.’ Charlie says, ‘You mean… you don’t use machine guns in your pictures?’ ”

Ebert, Roger. Life Itself: A Memoir