The Sophisticated Villain


We’re not so different you and I

I like you

Mr Bond….Have you heard the story about the fox and the stingray?

When I was a child my parents used to take me to this park to see the monkeys. One day a monkey came up and I fed it, and it attacked me. Takes a swig from his cigar. My parent never took me again, but it stuck with me. Mr. Bond stares at him. Now I have something to show you Mr. Bond. Explains entire scheme to take over the world using an army of Monkeys.

How do you take a swig from a cigar?

Relixed_ 54
It’s the final thing you learn when becoming a movie villain.

c_o_n_E 53
takes a puff from his whiskey glass

“You’re insane!”
“Haha… maybe…”