Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable / Buy Some Popcorn and Watch the Show

‘Be comfortable being uncomfortable.’

It is a phrase that’s sometimes tossed around flippantly, but if put into practice, it can have a powerful impact.

Pain and unpleasantries make up an important part of the human experience, yet given our conditioning to lean towards safety and away from risk, accepting them is very unnatural.

“Humans seem to have developed a host of coping mechanisms to distract or dissociate ourselves from unpleasant or negative feelings,” Dr Muireann Irish, Senior Research Officer at Neuroscience Research Australia, told The Huffington Post Australia.

Consider the physical sensations that arise when your body feels stressed or anxious. Instead of resisting them, try to sit with them.

“Mindfulness builds on the premise of maintaining a focus on experiencing the present, even if that means attending to the experience of negative sensations,” Irish said.

Emma Brancatisano

Buy some popcorn and watch the show. – Phrase I’ve recently heard to describe the policy of sitting in discomfort.