Impeachment Drinking Game Ideas

Now that PBS has announced they’ll be televising the impeachment hearings, what will the drinking game rules be? from AskReddit

If you still have a witches hat laying around from Halloween, you can have a person wear it. It’ll rotate around the room on time or whenever a new person is introduced during proceedings. Whenever the term witch Hunt is used you all scream burn the witch and the person in the hat takes a shot of fireball

And whenever someone says “I don’t know.” “I don’t recall.” Everyone takes a shot!

If you hear “That’s not in my purview.” Everyone has to shotgun a beer.

You could also pass a coach-style whistle around and take a shot every time someone says “whistleblower”

Drink every time someone doesn’t answer the question

This reminds me of the 2016 debates where the candidates would listen to someone ask a question before they talked about whatever they want

It’s almost as bad as having a speaking timer and doing nothing when it expires. What’s the damn point if they’re never going to cut them off anyway?