Couple Colorado Ballot Measures That Passed

Referred Question 2I: Denver Public Library tax
This question would increase city taxes by $36 million in 2023 and by whatever additional amounts are received annually afterward by increasing the city’s mill levy rate 1.5 mills.

Uses of the increased funding would include increased pay for librarians and staff, more technology for patrons who don’t have internet access and returning library branches from reduced hours to normal schedules.

Yes: 185,295 votes (67.79%)
No: 88,023 votes (32.21%)


Proposition FF: Healthy meals for all public school students

Colorado voters appear to have approved Proposition FF. The measure had a comfortable 11-point lead — 56 percent to 44 percent — in the preliminary numbers as of Monday.

It eliminates some tax deductions, effectively raising taxes on Colorado households that make more than $300,000 a year. The money will go to pay for universal free school lunches, as well as to raise wages for cafeteria workers and provide grants to buy more school lunch ingredients locally.

Advocates for these policies originally tried to pass them directly at the legislature, but lawmakers instead chose to put it up for a public vote. It needed 50 percent of the vote to pass.