Where to Find Free ebooks – a list of lists

From this reddit post:

Project Gutenberg is a site that uploads free public domain ebooks to make them available to the public. It’s a great resource for free ebooks but it can be hard to find books you might be interested in picking up if you don’t know what you are looking for. I make these collections for r/FreeEBOOKs periodically to make it easier to find something to read.

I will be uploading new lists as often as I am able to on more topics or expanding some of the existing lists. Click the “follow” button on this post to be notified when they are uploaded.

50 free books on etiquette – trust me these are very entertaining

115 free fairy tale books

100 free mythology books

250 free kids and YA books

200 free sci-fi books

100 free classics

100 free Christmas ebooks

100 free poetry ebooks

100 free history ebooks

100 free memoirs and autobiographies

50 free mysteries

100 free books about pirates

70 books about space and astronomy

200 books about cooking and housekeeping

50 historical books about childbirth and sexual health

175 medical books

50 free craft books

100 free gardening books

Free assigned summer reading books

60 free ebooks about adventure and exploration in the Arctic and at the South Pole

100 free books of ghost stories

100 more free mythology ebooks

50 free horror books

30 free Arthurian legends

180 free Christmas ebooks

100 free books of essays

50 free ebooks about inventions and inventors

Free audiobook collections from Librivox:

50 free classic audiobooks

50 more free classic audiobooks

If you want to read ebooks on your kindle, here’s my how-to on that: