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Rock Star Service at King Soopers / X-Files Reference

At my local grocery store sometimes I hear this over the storewide address system: “Rock Star service at the front please.”

I’m thinking it’s some sort of management promoted worker morale technique. Maybe it’s something else. Maybe I’m mis-hearing it.

Anyway, reminds me of this scene from the X-Files

Mulder enters prisoner visiting room. Eddie Van Blundht is wearing a hat that says Superstar.
MULDER: “What’s with the hat?”
EDDIE VAN BLUNDHT: “My court-appointed therapist makes me wear it. She says it’s meant to bolster my self-esteem.”
MULDER: “Does it?”
EDDIE VAN BLUNDHT: “Not really.”

Small Potatoes
Five unrelated women in a small town give birth to babies with small tails. The prime suspect is a man who can shape shift into whomever he wants.

Overheard Arguments – Lines From

I love this. My sister and I lived in Brooklyn together and we heard a fight outside our apartment. Our favorite line was “well, comprehend this, FUCK YOU!”

My wife and I repeat this comment we heard at Disney World a couple years ago. Some lady on her phone says, “I dont know what’s going on right now, but you better hang up the phone and pray to God!”

Duudee, when my family was all at Disneyworld back in like 08 this lady literally yelled at her kids who were running around

“Stop messing around you dildos!”

People like these are part of the Disney magic.

My husband and mine is, “I could cut off your arms and legs and you’d still keep crawling back to me!” It was yelled in a gas station parking lot.

Also in a gas station parking lot:

“YOU 👏 DON’T 👏 CARE 👏 ‘BOUT 👏 YO 👏 SELF 👏”

We’ve got one too! My wife got donuts for her office one morning and saw a homeless man on the drive in. She rolled down her window and offered him on and he screamed “DONT NOBODY WANT YO FUCKING DONUTS BITCH!” It was so early, and he yelled so loud and she was so hurt lmao

Donuts is now interchangeable with whatever it is we don’t want. I said it once at home and had some family overhear it and they went from mad at me to twice as confused when we were both laughing too hard to explain it.

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