Kindle App on Android Tablet – Stalled, Stuck, Infinite Loop, Won’t Open, Circular Loading Icon Never Finishes – How to Fix


What Worked
Uninstalling and Re-installing Kindle App

What Did Not Work
Closing app and re-opening app
Turning tablet off and then back on again
Settings –> Applications –> Kindle App –> Force Stop

Postscript -> Last night, April 13, 2020, around 11 PM Denver time, Kindle started malfunctioning. It made me re-login repeatedly. It would run for a while, then ask me to login again. I’d login then it’d want me to log in again. Interesting thing though – this post got a number of hits right then. Whatever was going on, it seems to be something from Amazon’s end. It wasn’t just me.

How to Read Free ebooks on Your Kindle

Problem: I have an ebook but I didn’t get it from Amazon, so it isn’t sent to my kindle directly. What can I do?

Solution: Send it to your kindle using your kindle email address.

Example –

1. Get a book from and save it locally:


2. Send this file as an attachment to the email address of your kindle. You can find this on your Amazon account’s, Your Content and Devices section:

KindleEmailAddress - NEW

3. Sync your kindle and enjoy