Kindle App on Android Tablet – Stalled, Stuck, Infinite Loop, Won’t Open, Circular Loading Icon Never Finishes – How to Fix


What Worked
Uninstalling and Re-installing Kindle App

What Did Not Work
Closing app and re-opening app
Turning tablet off and then back on again
Settings –> Applications –> Kindle App –> Force Stop
(You might try these first though)

Postscript -> Last night, April 13, 2020, around 11 PM Denver time, Kindle started malfunctioning. It made me re-login repeatedly. Interesting thing though – this post got a number of hits right then. Whatever was going on, it seems to be something from Amazon’s end. It wasn’t just me. It may be that just ignoring it till they fix their problem will take care of things too. At least in some circumstances.