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Skateboards and Commuting – Suggestions and Reviews

A Skateboard for Commuting?

Everything You Need to Know
Crowded places aren’t suitable for longboards, you’ll need something maneuverable and responsive. It’s also a bad idea to commute in crowded places if you’re a beginner. You’ll likely hurt someone or yourself and traffic can be dangerous. As always, make sure you at least wear a helmet and kneepads when starting out. You still need a brain to skateboard.

6 Best Mini Cruiser Skateboards – Tested & Approved

One of the best mini cruisers is the Landyachtz Dinghy. The Dinghy is the little brother of the Tug Boat and the parts are high quality and are very well-tuned. The Dinghy is the favorite among cruisers and works extremely well out of the box! Check out the test drive I did with a friend. I did an in-depth review recently if you want all the details, this board is a rock star.

If you are looking for a skateboard, this page is a great resource: https://www.skateboardershq.com/


The word commuter derives from early days of rail travel in US cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago, where, in the 1840s, the railways engendered suburbs from which travellers paying a reduced or ‘commuted’ fare into the city. Later, the back formations “commute” and “commuter” were coined therefrom. Commuted tickets would usually allow the traveller to repeat the same journey as often as they liked during the period of validity: normally, the longer the period the cheaper the cost per day.[2]