Ozzy Osbourne Picks 10 Beatles’ Songs


“I feel so privileged to have been on this planet when the Beatles were born,” says Ozzy. “They are and will forever be the greatest band in the world. I remember talking to Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. He said, ‘I didn’t like the Beatles.’ I said, ‘there’s something fucking wrong with you.'”

  1. She Loves You – 1963
    This is the one that sucked me in. I was a 14-year-old kid with this blue transistor radio. I heard “She Loves You,” and it floored me. It was as if you knew all the colors in the world. Then someone shows you a brand new color, and you go, “Fucking hell, man.”
  2. I want to Hold Your Hand – 1963
  3. I am the Walrus – 1967
  4. A Day in the Life – 1967
  5. Hey Jude – 1968
  6. Help – 1965
  7. Eleanor Rigby – 1966
  8. Something – 1969
  9. Strawberry Fields Forever – 1967
  10. The Long and Winding Road – 1970
    “It reminds me of winter in England. It’s cold, you’ve got fingerless gloves on. And it makes me sad, because it’s the end of the greatest movie I’d ever seen. You hear Paul going, ‘I’m out of steam. I can’t do this anymore.'”

Black Sabbath Plays Before the Queen

Backstage before the gig I stood outside talking to Paul McCartney and some other people. It was great, but there were all these signs saying ‘No Drinking’, ‘No Swearing’, no this, no that. That terrified Ozzy more than anything, because with him everything is fucking this and fucking that, so he was practising not swearing. He walked up and down in the dressing room going: ‘Raise your hands, come on, raise your hands . . .’ instead of his normal: ‘Raise your fucking hand, you fuckers!’ I thought, no way he’s going to keep that up! But he did.

Iommi, Tony. Iron Man