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Desultory Amazon Reviews

This review will not be helpful to anyone but me. I took a memorable girl to see this play. We did not really pay attention to the play. A long time later, I saw this book and decided to see if it was really good. After reading it, I realized that the special part of the evening was the girl and not the play.
Woman in Mind
Alan Ayckbourn

I LOVE this book. Great for those days you need to hate life but love that you hate it.
How Late It Was How Late
James Kelman

The purchase was worth the great memories in college days.
I read this book in college for my African American Literature course, more than 25 years ago. Now my daughter attends the same college and had same professor for the African American Literature class. I lost my original copy in a hurricane. I purchased this copy and had my professor sign and write a few lines about me. It was a great excuse to meet him for coffee.
The Best of Simple
Langston Hughes

It held my interest, but a little too deep for me.
I like the descriptions of the whaling ship and industry.
BUT, come on, dudes don’t make long winded speeches when in life threatening situations.
Moby Dick
Herman Melville

The trick with Cassavetes is to enjoy what you see in front of you, moment to moment, and to stop waiting for something to happen. it already is happening. It’s not a plot twist or plot device, it’s not a message he’s trying to communicate to you intellectually (“see these people and how lost they are … this is my comment on middle-aged married life …”). With Cassavetes what he is always focused on is the human experience, human relationships, and those humans so happen to be his actors. So while you watch this movie, relax, have a drink or cigarette or whatever vice that you do, then do it, and watch a masterpiece of human emotions. Because if you’re not going to enjoy watching humans in all their complexity, if you don’t find people interesting, then don’t even bother watching this film. Go watch something else and then ask yourself maybe you should change your species … because if you don’t find humans interesting, you might as well be an ant or a flower or a computer.
Woman Under the Influence
Gena Rowlands (Actor), Peter Falk (Actor), John Cassavetes (Director)

NOTE – Not my opinions, just some I saw on Amazon while browsing.

Amazon help chatbot Turing test

Ordered a book and gloves and it says they were delivered and they weren’t.
You are now connected to Cyrene from Amazon.com
Hello, my name is Cyrene. I’m here to help you today.
Oh! I’m sorry that you did not receive the item that was scanned as delivered.
The order in question says delivered on Friday.
Ok. Continue reading “Amazon help chatbot Turing test”

Amazon Help Desk


Having a problem with Amazon? Call them up! Exercise your consumer rights.

I had a problem sending .mobi file to Kindle for PC. Established that it was not possible, thanks to the help desk.

* There is no kindle email for Kindle for PC. By design.
* .mobi files are not necessarily compatible with Kindle for PC. Maybe not at all. Unsure.