Guillermo del Toro Interview – Fresh Air

On some of the principles he learned through his research with psychics

There are certain devices that come with the psychic craft. … You find what [people] need the most or what they fear the most and hook them through that. And the other principle is …. “Everybody’s desperate to tell you who they are to be seen,” which is, sadly or not, a reality of our species. We are all desperate to be seen or to be heard, and we communicate constantly through our clothing, our physical language, our inflections. And a skillful psychic will be able to read all the signs. We break down in the movie quite accurately and minutely how these grifts take place. …

There are generalizations that are called Black Rainbow, and that is when you throw the net [to] both sides. For example, you say, “You are quite naïve, but at the same time, you’re very, very shrewd about who you trust.” Or … “You are very friendly, but ultimately you don’t reveal yourself to everyone.” And these are generalizations that fit all sizes, and that’s what they are called Black Rainbow, because they encompass every color.

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