Rest in Peace – Demaryius Thomas

I’d like to think he got a small taste of the appreciation on that November afternoon a few months later, when he returned to Denver as a member of the Texans. The Broncos draped a massive banner on the side of the stadium reading, “Thank You D.T.” When he walked to the bus after the game, Manning’s kids ran up to him in little Thomas No. 87 Texans jerseys. I don’t even know how Manning was able to get them made in a matter of days. The children hugged Thomas like a favorite uncle they hadn’t seen in years. Just as he’d been during Manning’s retirement ceremony, Thomas was basically an honorary member of the family.

There wasn’t a person in that stadium who didn’t want a picture with DT. Or just to shake his hand and tell him they missed him. He’d been gone less than a week.

Demaryius Thomas was uniquely talented on the football field — and truly special in life
James Palmer