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Top 11 Dive Bars in Denver

Denver’s 10 (okay, 11) Best Dive Bars (In Alphabetical Order)

Ace-Hi Tavern
By far the best reason to get wrecked – and subsequently stranded – in Golden.

Carioca Café (Bar Bar)
Just because you don’t want to touch any of its surfaces doesn ‘t mean you shouldn’t puke or pass out all over ’em. At dawn. For next to nothing.

Club 404
From the prime rib to the price of a PBR, you can trust everything about Jerry Feld’s 404. Except its longevity. Now for a limited time…

Candlelight Tavern/Kentucky Inn
Same owners, similar vibes—everything you could ask for within a safe stumble along Pearl Street.

El Chapultepec
Nightly jazz with no cover, tasty Mexican food and the cheapest drinks in Lower Downtown.

Hill-Top Tavern
No tabs, no credit cards, no problems – good people and good times galore.

Rustic Tavern
Tried and true, through and through: Welcome home.

Squeeze Inn
Four hundred square feet of cramped camaraderie never seemed so appealing.

Squire Lounge
A whole-body condom couldn’t protect you from this cross section of Colfax characters, but cut-rate cocktails and bargain-basement beer prices will surely help with the pain.

Thunderbird Lounge
A family friendly hangout and blue-collar barroom for all walks.

Drew Bixby, Denver’s Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the Mile-High City

Marty Coniglio on Tweet that Ended Career

My former employer did the right thing in firing me. They set the rules, standards of conduct and guidelines for content. Break them and you pay. I did and I did.

By repeatedly labeling the free press “THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” (yep, he does it in all caps) the 45th President of the United States declares open warfare on the First Amendment to the Constitution. Casting journalists in this light allows him to be the sole arbiter of “truth,” a scheme aided and abetted daily by talk radio and FoxNews propagandists.

Which leads me to why I did it. Why I posted what was described as an “incendiary” tweet that ended my media career.

I watched masked, unidentified men in camouflage grabbing people off of the streets of Portland without ever identifying themselves or the authority under which they were operating.

I watched the president say that he would deploy similar forces to cities and states governed by his political rivals. This would in essence be a national police force used for “law and order” at the behest of one political party over the objections of local elected officials. Sorry, folks: That ain’t conservative, small government no matter how you spin it.

Coniglio, Marty. “The Tweet That Cost A Media Career: Why I Did What I Did”.
Westword. October 7, 2020