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Standing With Salman Rushdie

The gathering, “Stand with Salman: Defend the Freedom to Write,” was organized by the library in collaboration with free speech nonprofit PEN America and Rushdie’s publisher, Penguin Random House. Notable writers—including Paul Auster, Reginald Dwayne Betts, Andrea Elliot, Jeffrey Eugenides and Gay Talese—gave remarks before a crowd of hundreds at the hour-long event.

As Salman Rushdie Recovers, Renowned Writers Read Aloud From His Work
Paul Auster, Jeffrey Eugenides and others championed free speech at the New York Public Library
Smithsonian Magazine

Maus is an Amazon Bestseller After Tennessee School Ban

The book, which won a Pulitzer in 1992, tells the story of Spiegelman’s parents’ time in Nazi death camps, the mass murder of other Jews, and his mother’s suicide years later.

In “Maus,” groups of people are drawn as different kinds of animals: Jews are mice, Poles are pigs, and Nazi Germans are cats.

Minutes of the McMinn school board meeting that led to the book being banned show that while some parents said they supported the idea of teaching about the Holocaust, they had problems with some profanity in the book. They also had an issue with an image showing a nude woman, who is Spiegelman’s mother.

‘Maus’ is an Amazon bestseller after Tennessee school ban – author Art Spiegelman compares board to Putin
Dan Mangan