Teachers getting by in Denver

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The NCTQ report looked at 124 large school districts around the country, including four in metro Denver: Cherry Creek School District, Denver Public Schools, Douglas County School District and Jeffco Public Schools.
In three of those districts, a new teacher with a bachelor’s degree and no prior experience cannot even afford to rent a 1-bedroom at the median cost in each area. Only Cherry Creek was considered affordable – but just barely.>


Highly readable article in the LA Times on Denver’s liveliest of streets.

That was once Smiley’s, the world’s biggest laundromat,” he said, passing a warehouse-like building. “That hotel? The uncle of the Red Baron had his funeral there. Clint Eastwood walked his orangutan past that place in ‘Every Which Way But Loose.’ The guy who created the Colorado Gay Rodeo worked over there. I performed an Elvis wedding at that church.

Kelly, David. 2017. “Denver’s Colfax Avenue Is Jammed With History, Freaks, Neon. Its Champion Is An Elvis Impersonator, Of Course”. Latimes.Com. Accessed November 26 2017. http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-denver-colfax-street-20171120-htmlstory.html.

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“The Laundry Truck is run by Bayaud Enterprises”…

Check it out at Colorado Public Radio. A mobile laundry to help the homeless community. “The consensus was that, if you’re on the streets in Denver, and you’re fairly savvy, you can shower,” Harris says. “But it’s next to impossible to do laundry.”

Nicely done Bayaud Enterprises.