Secondary Character Stories Might be the More Interesting Stories

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My entire life, I have been afflicted with a chronic moviegoing condition: finding subplots and/or minor characters more interesting than whatever the movie chose to focus on instead.

There are very few modern romcoms that would not be improved by cutting out the hero and heroine entirely, and concentrating instead on his cynical best bud and her snarky girlfriend.

I know I am in the distinct minority on this but I remember feeling something similar about Paris, Texas where I wanted to see more of Stanton’s brother’s perspective in the latter half too

Ah, you’ve got Rosencrantzandguildensternitis, I see.

Miller’s Crossing would probably kill you, that’s like the whole shtick

I wonder if Fabienne had pancakes at the same restaurant where Jules and Vincent faced down Pumpkin and Honey Bunny. Like perhaps the day after the incident, with police still conducting interviews. Meanwhile Jules has resigned, and Vincent & Marsellus are staking out Butch.

Chronic Fanfic-osis

Ah, the Revolutionary Road Syndrome

This is true of many of the movies that Michael Shannon has been in, but especially Revolutionary Road, where I was *much* more interested in his character than in the marital travails of Leonardo diCaprio and Kate Winslet.

This is know as Bobcat Goldthwait Syndrome. The movies he makes are all just extended strange snippets turned into full films and characters.

Travis Bickle mentions Vietnam once. That’s all that was needed. Your imagination fills in the whole backstory and explains why he is who he his.