Theological Purpose of Hell – Reddit discussion

I think satan just gives you a tour and shows you around like in mtv cribs

Shows lake of molten lava…”and this is where the magic happens😉”

It could happen to you, cause it happened to me

If you want an actual answer, satan isn’t punishing you for disobeying God. The Bible teaches that everything good comes from God, and Hell is simply a place of complete separation from him. So it’s pure torture.

This. Hell is a result of the fall of man and a man’s choice on earth to knowingly and totally reject God. Hell is a continuation of this separation from God, but now it is absolute separation. And the soul is very aware of this and so suffers in existing in a place devoid of God who is love. The soul realizes their rejection of God. But I do not believe what the soul in hell would feel is regret. It’s too late. There is no love there at all. I think those souls would curse at God. The devil does not really understand love, but one thing is certain–he does not want it to exist.

So basically nothing changes when I die?

No more rent

Supposedly you’d be going through a constant agonizing state of emptiness and craving something completely out of your reach.

Why the middle ages decided to make that all about gore and torture only they know (well, we do too – fear of hell was lucrative af).

even Inferno has Satan chained up and frozen at the centre of hell.

His punishment is self inflicted though. He’s trapped in the ice because he won’t stop beating his wings in rage and generating the ice storm keeping him frozen in place. If he did stop for a while he could escape but he’s a slave to passion and can’t.

So fucking metal