What is something you have done only once but never want to do again? AskReddit

What is something you have done only once but never want to do again? from AskReddit

Donate a kidney.

Getting married. I don’t regret getting married, but if my wife were to pass away or our marriage otherwise ended, I doubt I would go through the dating and getting to know them and getting married and such again. I’m too old for that, and I’m not even that old.

Farted in a board meeting.

Leaned over to get a pen out of my purse on the floor. Completely unexpected BRRRRRAAAAAPPPPP

Shocked silence from a group of uptight executives.

Haha can’t beat a good fart story. Did it smell?

Did it smell?
Smelled like Indeed.com

I don’t remember. I was so paralyzed with embarrassment afterward.

Pepper spray, did it once on a dare. I can say with 100% conviction that it works exactly as intended.

I came home hammered one night in my early twenties and decided to cook some ramen noodles. Before I set down to eat the bowl I put some Daves insanity sauce on the noodles. I had to piss real bad, so I went and did my business, forgetting to wash my hands off beforehand. I wish I would’ve because I had gotten some of the hot sauce on my fingers when I opened the hot sauce bottle. A shower didn’t help. Hell I poured milk on my junk in a last ditch effort to ease this horrible pain. One of the dumbest things I’ve done.

Been born. Fuck reincarnation I wanna chill in the afterlife.