Suspicious Everyday Skills

Remembering things about people.
I’ve lied about not knowing things to not seem like a creep.

This is sort of me with names. I’m generally very good at remembering names and would memorize names quickly in school. People are sometimes surprised when I call them by their name without ever having a conversation with them. I’ll usually pretend I don’t know their name until they give it to me.

Walking with minimal sound.

I’m the same way! I make my wife scream all the time by walking into a room without her noticing.

It happens so often that when our son was somewhere between 1-2, he also started screaming whenever I walked into a room. He just thought it was a thing we did in our family.

It happens to other people outside of home too. I start talking to people and they jump out of their skin.

Counting bills quickly. Learned when in Uzbekistan, a place where the highest denomination was 1000 but a meal at a restaurant cost 20-30k

I bartended in NYC where closing time was after 4am, so the quicker I counted out my register, the quicker I could go home. I can count a stack of bills quick.

There was a restaurant in a Hyatt hotel that had a casino, the waiter from that restaurant remembered our preference when we showed up with a friend 6-months later .

You guys were either amazingly awesome restaurant patrons, or a fricken nightmare.

I’m a former waitress/bartender turned RN. The same happens with patients.

I compare seeing patients in medicine to being a waiter all the time. The two are so similar it’s uncanny.

Bartenders and daycare workers also require the same skills. Both involve managing the expectations and behavior of minimally self-regulating people.