Really Random Facts

What is most "why the f*** do you know that" fact? from AskReddit

If you shake/jangle your keys at a moth, it will do a backflip (it’s a defence mechanism)

The last person who died building the hoover dam was the son of the first person who died building it.

MLB umpires are required to wear black underwear in case their pants split during a game.

Fidel Castro loved dairy so much that he invested in trying to breed a cow that could survive in the climate of Cuba and still produce a lot of milk. He failed over and over for years until one day a cow that was exactly to his specifications. She produced obscene, record breaking amounts of milk even for a regular cow and could live in Cuba’s sweltering climate. There were regular updates on her health in the Cuban national newspaper and he loved her so much that when she died he erected a huge marble statue of her in her honor.

Ubre Blanca was her name

Many deaths in the Middle Ages resulted from pigs wandering into peasant homes and eating babies out of their cradles.

julius caesar’s soldiers used sing a marching song about how much caesar liked it up the ass

Hedgehogs shit when they run fast therefore if sonic the hedgehog was real he would shite himself to death

Male hedgehogs masturbate for pleasure and you have to be careful picking them up because sometimes they have semen on their feet. It’s something you have to look out for when you’re a hedgehog owner like myself.

you can neutralize the smell of a rotting corpse by covering it with the ashes of a common camp fire! any wood ash should work, friends.

Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel.