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Photograph – Def Leppard

JOE ELLIOTT: When we did “Photograph,” we went mental. Phil wore a polka-dot top. Steve wore all white. The day before the shoot, I had £25 in my pocket, and I went down Kings Road in London to get some clothes. I found a pair of black pleather trousers that were too short by about four inches, so I bought them, and some leg warmers, which I’d seen in the TV show Fame. When I was done buying the pants and the effeminate leggings, I had £8 left. I walked past a punk rock shop and they had a red-white-and-blue Union Jack shirt in the window for £7.99. It was all I could afford, and it was loud. After that video, the shirt became so iconic that we sold almost 100,000 of them on tour that summer. We couldn’t wait to make the videos. The morning we shot “Photograph” is when I frosted my hair for the first time. When “Photograph” came out, I was a blond bombshell. David Mallet was hilarious. He called everybody “dear boy.” He was very posh, very theatrical. When we turned up to shoot “Photograph” at Battersea Power Station, he’d built that whole set. There was gridding on the floor with lights underneath. It was fantastic. The girls in the cages have become a little dated, but at the time, it hadn’t been done so much, so it worked fine.

DAVID MALLET: Why did I put the girls in a cage? Girls belong in cages, come on.

JANI LANE, Warrant: I was a junior in high school, and when I saw “Photograph,” I was like, Oh my god.

Tannenbaum, Rob; Marks, Craig. I Want My MTV

Post Apocalpytic 80’s Metal Music Videos – Mad Max Influence

For whatever the reason, Mel Gibson’s 1981 film The Road Warrior influenced metal video-making in a major way. Videos from two high-profile releases from ’83 (Shout at the Devil and Lick It Up) constructed fantasy worlds that appeared to be set in postnuclear wastelands where it’s always very windy and all the women wear ripped clothes.

Mötley Crüe’s “Looks That Kill” stars a Xena-esque female character who emancipates a corral of strippers, much to the chagrin of the Crüe (who were thereby forced to call on the power of Satan by joining fists and creating a fiery pentagram). Mötley’s “Too Young to Fall in Love” was more of an Asian kung-fu thriller (best remembered for Tommy Lee spitting out a mouthful of rice), but its Escape from New York vibe was very much the same. Meanwhile, KISS sold themselves as warriors who walked the earth for no reason in particular. “Lick It Up,” the first video that showed KISS without makeup, suggests that futuristic women will live underground and eat navy rations— but only KISS can help them rock! Its artistic companion, “All Hell’s Breaking Loose,” evidently takes place at the same time and place but also includes a lot of women fencing.

Klosterman, Chuck. Fargo Rock City: A Heavy Metal Odyssey in Rural North Dakota

Real World Spinal Tap Origins or Parallels

I didn’t see the movie Spinal Tap until later. Don Arden said to me: ‘We’ve got a front cover to do tomorrow.’

I said: ‘Okay. Me and Geezer?’

‘With Spinal Tap.’

‘Spinal Tap? Who the bloody hell is Spinal Tap?’

I don’t think even he knew at the time.

‘I think it’s some up-and-coming band and they have a movie coming out.’

‘And we are doing a front cover with them? We’ve never heard of them!’
Me and Geezer did the shoot with them anyway, which was funny, but I still didn’t have the faintest idea who they were. It was only later when I saw the movie that I realised what it was all about and where they got the idea for the scene with the tiny Stonehenge from.

Iommi, Tony. Iron Man

Is Jeff the main basis for the character of Nigel Tufnel, the guitarist in the spoof documentary This Is Spinal Tap? I can’t say for sure, beyond noting that Jeff, too, has an extensive guitar collection which no one is allowed to touch or even look at. But the writers must surely have got the idea of the ever-changing drummer from the Jeff Beck Group.

Stewart, Rod. Rod

London Calling – The Clash

London Calling is the third studio album by English rock band the Clash. It was originally released as a double album in the United Kingdom on 14 December 1979 by CBS Records, and in the United States in January 1980 by Epic Records.

The Clash recorded the album with producer Guy Stevens at Wessex Sound Studios in London during August, September and November 1979, following a change in management and a period of writer’s block for songwriters Joe Strummer and Mick Jones. Bridging a traditional punk rock sound and a new post-punk aesthetic, London Calling reflects the band’s growing interest in styles beyond their punk roots, including reggae, rockabilly, ska, New Orleans R&B, pop, lounge jazz, and hard rock. Themes include social displacement, unemployment, racial conflict, drug use, and the responsibilities of adulthood.


10 Most Legendary Rock and Roll Clubs – VH1 List

10. Cafe Wha?
Location: 115 MacDougal St., New York, New York
Who Played There: Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Paul & Mary, The Velvet Underground

9. The Cavern
Location: 10 Matthew Street, Liverpool, England
Who Played There: The Beatles, The Who, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Johnny Lee Hooker, The Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, The Wanted, Adele, The Beatles…

Location: 315 Bowery, New York, New York (now closed)
Who Played There: The Ramones, Patti Smith, Television, Talking Heads, Misfits, Blondie

7. Crocodile Cafe (now The Crocodile)
Location: 2200 2nd Ave., Seattle, Washington
Who Played There: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Mudhoney, the Posies

6. The Fillmore (West and East)
Locations: (West) 1805 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, California and (East) 525 E 11th St., New York, New York (now closed)
Who Played Here: Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Allman Brother’s Band, Neil Young, Derek & The Dominoes, and Miles Davis

5. The Hacienda
Location: 11-13 Whitworth St. West, Manchester, England (closed)
Who Played There: New Order, the Happy Mondays, Madonna, the Stone Roses, the Smiths

4. The Troubadour
Location: 9081 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, California
Who Played There: Elton John, James Taylor, Carole King, Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, Love, Joni Mitchell, the Byrds, Jackson Browne, Neil Diamond, Guns N’ Roses

3. Whisky a Go Go
Location: 8901 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, California
Who Played There: The Doors, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Johnny Rivers, Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa, Arthur Lee and Love, Motley Crue, Red Hot Chili Peppers…for a start

2. The 40 Watt Club
Location: 285 West Washington St., Athens, Georgia
Who Played There: R.E.M., The B-52s, Indigo Girls, Modern Skirts, Pylon

1. The 100 Club
Location: 100 Oxford Street, London, England
Who Played There: Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, The Sex Pistols, The Stranglers, The Clash, Siouxie & The Banshees, The Damned


LDN – Lily Allen

“LDN” (shorthand for, and pronounced as, “London”) is a song recorded by English singer-songwriter Lily Allen. It was co-written by Future Cut, and features a Colombian porro from the country’s Caribbean coast. The song was originally released on strictly limited edition 7″ vinyl (500 copies) in the UK on 24 April 2006, accompanied by album track “Knock ‘Em Out”, and was re-released in September following the huge success of Allen’s first mainstream single “Smile”.