Indications the Movie is Going to Suck

What’s the first sign that a movie is going to suck?
byu/fuzzyloulou inAskReddit

“I don’t do that anymore. I’m retired.”

“But you’re the best.”

“If I’m gonna do this… I’m gonna do this MY way.”

“We need you back in the game.”

“I’m in the game, it’s called retirement.”

“Your old partner was killed.”

“I’m in.”

“He died from old age”

Geriatric Hero IV – Bad to the bone

Whole movie is shown in the trailer.

Hulk (2003) was like that. As a kid I was so pumped for that movie, watching the teaser multiple times, then they dropped this absolutely incredible action packed trailer, with epic music and everything, holy shit, it’s still one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen.

Then I see the movie with my dad and it was like this slow art piece. Every action scene made an appearance in that trailer.

Seen this with my dad as well. He was already irritated, but when Hulk started crying, he was done. “My Hulk don’t damn cry.” were his exact words lol

I don’t know if this happens in other countries, but in the UK you occasionally get TV spots where they have mini-interviews with members of an audience who’ve just watched the film. So it’ll be filmed in a cinema lobby and be like “What did you think of the film?” and there’ll be a family of four going “Oh it was great, really funny, just perfect for all the family!”.

When you see one of these you know it’s going to be absolute dogshit.