Three Ways to Answer a Question

FISHER: Over 50 percent of Americans do want a partner who shares their political views. About 43 percent want a partner who is of the same ethnic background. About 46 percent want somebody of the same religious background. What’s interesting to me is the huge percentage of people that don’t care.

DUBNER: Is it that they don’t care, or they say on a survey they don’t care because they may want to appear to be the type of person who would say that they don’t care when, in fact, they may care?

FISHER: You never know, Stephen. I do a lot of questionnaires and you can answer a questionnaire in one of three ways:
with who you really are,
with who you want to be,
or with who you want others to think you are.

But because we have so many thousands of people, and there’s a bell-shaped curve, we can be pretty confident of what we’re doing.

Why Did You Marry That Person?
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