Paying for Someone’s Baby Formula

old lady got extremely pissed over me paying for a moms baby formula
by u/EstimateThese1815 in TrueOffMyChest

im 16 and work as a cashier for a grocery store. ive seen all kinda of depressing shit in my time working there but this has to top it.

last night a woman who didnt look older than 20 came in my line with a can of baby formula. she looked like she hadnt slept in days hadnt showered in days or even had time to properly care for herself, she just looked so worn out. i rung up the formula and it was like 40 bucks she put her card in and it wasnt going through. so i went through this process that i can do to see if she had any money on her card and she only had a few bucks. when i looked at her after saying that she looked like she was about to burst out crying i felt so sad and i understood what she was going through(my bsf was r worded and got pregnant at 15 and ive been buying formula so she doesn’t have to worry about my nephew going hungry). i told her its fine i got it and paid for it and she tearfully thanked me and left.

the person next in line came up which was a older lady i asked her how her day was(something i kinda have to do) and she started complaining about how new moms now in days have so much help from people how if people like me wanna help sluts that cant keep their legs closed im causing more and bigger issues and then out of nowhere started screaming at me. she got kicked out and im still in shock like why would you want a fucking baby to go hungry ? like you seriously have to be that low of a person to complain that someone else is helping out a mom buy food for her child.

Glad you helped this mom feed her baby. Monsters are real. it’s sad that you saw one up close and they spewed the venom that resides in their soul at you. I hope you continue being a kind and good person