Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

It’ll be illegal to have an abortion in about 50 percent of states in a week. Including if you were raped. This is a dark day.

Edit: as of now, it is illegal in Kentucky, Louisiana , and South Dakota

Edit 2: now illegal in Missouri

Edit 3: not all trigger laws go into effect this second. Some will take a week or a month.

Edit 4: NPR

Edit 5: some states that have a trigger are waiting for the AG or other state actor to certify the laws. Hints why not all trigger laws went into effect immediately

Edit 6:

Abortions are illegal today: Kentucky , Louisiana , Missouri Oklahoma and South Dakota.

Bans that will absolutely come in the next days and weeks as a result of trigger laws are: Idaho , Mississippi , North Dakota, Tennessee , Texas, Utah, Wyoming

Weeks or months: Alabama , West Virginia , Arizona , Florida, Georgia , Ohio, South Carolina.

States with no incest or rape exceptions: Kentucky ,Louisiana , Missouri, South Dakota, Tennessee, -provided by u/supaZT