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What is this court? It doesn’t have basketball hoops and appears too long and skinny for anything I can think of. Also, it’s almost as long as 2 residential lots as seen in the picture. from whatisthisthing

I’ve researched the hell out of this thing, at this point I’m convinced it was a custom job designed for either a high-level athlete to practice a very specific thing or possibly some homebrewed sport invented by the owner. I can’t find ANY sport for which this might be a regulation court.

EDIT: Ok wait, just saw that there’s apparently another exact replica found in some city park in 2020. Maybe some landscaping company mocked this up as a General Use court you could just pluck off the shelf??? I bet some Toledo-based rink installers just whipped it up.

I’ve also been researching a ton, I even went onto Google maps, figuring out that there’s a playground sign on either side of it. I read a listing for the house next door to it on a realtor website and that didn’t mention anything either. I can’t find anything online for playgrounds or parks on cribb street ohio. It’s also surrounded by a fence and pretty overgrown, it that helps at all. Edit: I research about the apartments next door to it, Riviera Maia, still nothing in all the listings or reviews. I’m officially giving up now, here’s my white flag 🏳 Good luck.

Based on historic aerial photos, It was originally built between 1955 and 1963, as two singles only tennis courts, end to end. The width of the singles court is 27′ which matches exactly. You can clearly see the playing area and the serving areas as different colors and another fence in the middle. It existed like this until sometime between 1985 and 1999. By 1999 the court surface was (probably cheaply) resurfaced and they just threw on the bastardized hockey layout.