Computer Snobs Circa 2006

Linux Snobs, The Real Barriers to Entry

“It’s not Windows. It’s not distro wars. Sometimes it’s just the arrogant attitude that keeps people from switching from Windows. ‘As I spoke to newbies, one Windows user who wanted to learn about Linux shared the encouraging and constructive note (not) he received from one of the project members. The responding note read: “Hi jackass, RTFM and stop wasting our time trying to help you children learn.””

Well duh! Of course it’s the arrogant users that are keeping people from trying Linux. That’s precisely the reason why I use a Mac.

I managed to escape from that cult, and you can too brother!

Meet me by the fence tonight at 1am. I’ll have a van waiting. We can take you to a place where Father Steve will never find you. There is another life out there for you, trust me!

Are you kidding me? The Mac community is composed of 30% latte-sipping wannabe ‘artists’, 50% trendsters with too much money, 25% hippies, 4% Hollywood actors, and 1% Steve Jobs. And Steve is the least arrogant one of the bunch.

That’s why I Switched(tm) to OpenBSD, the least arrogant OS community!

I can go up to the head development guy, Theo, and he answers all my questions!! Usually the answer is how evil George Bush and Richard Stallman are, and how stupid I am for being a stupid American that supports stupid people and asks stupid questions because I am stupid. I don’t know how that solves my problems, but at least he answers!!!!

One huge difference is that the Microsoft tech support guys are paid to listen to your stupidities. You are a lot more patient and understanding when you’re paid.