Hidden Achievements

Whats your biggest flex that you’ll never tell anyone? from r/AskReddit

When my girlfriend and I worked at the same bar, I threw a coaster at her like a frisbee. It arced over her and like twenty customers only to land perfectly on the neat stack of other coasters like 50 feet away.

It was so fucking cool but nobody noticed except one customer who I later had to kick out for taking a nap on the bar. No point in telling anybody, but I look back fondly on that moment.

I saw a guy throw a dart once and hit the back side of a dart already on the board. He was standing really far away in an attempt at flexing, and achieved way harder than he ever intended to.

We had camera phones and took pictures, but nobody believed the story anyway. He was really let down that I was the only one who noticed. So I kinda understand this story on a spiritual level.

I’m sure your toss was amazing.

I have a similar story. When I was in high school we were playing basketball in gym one time. When it was time to put the balls back on the rack in the closet and pack up, I was on the opposite side of the gym. I lined up my shot and rolled the ball across the gym like a bowling ball and it shot between several pairs of legs without getting hit and it whizzed into the closet, bumped the bottom shelf, jumped and put itself away.

Like one other dude saw me do it and he freaked out and came running across the gym to congratulate me and so I made a new friend that day LOL

I saw a lizard in the middle of a busy road. I bent down on the side of the road and called for it as I put my hands out and he ran straight into my arms. I carried him to safety and didn’t think anything of it until I heard a stranger behind me go, “Did y’all see that shit?? She’s a lizard whisperer!” Man I wish there was another witness because I bet I looked cool

I saw Elton John in Vegas. Red Piano Tour. During Benny and the Jets (I can whistle extremely loudly), I nailed the whistle part that is on live version of the song that plays on the radio. He smiled.

At one point I could sing along perfectly to we didn’t start the fire. I still know most of the words but I’m always so embarrassed to sing in front of other people lol.

I can cook 2-minute noodles in 1 minute and 47 seconds