Flaws in the System – Taking Advantage of

What loophole did you exploit for years before someone found out? from r/AskReddit

In high school, our p.e. grade was based on improvement. We took a skills test at the beginning and another at the end and your grade was based on how much you improved. So, once I learned that, I always sucked at the first test and then did miraculously better at the second, so I had a massive “improvement” and thus, a better grade.

I used to live in an apartment across the road from a casino whilst at University. They released an app where if you “check-in” you get points that go towards free food and drinks.

Because I was close enough to the casino I could just check-in without going to the casino itself.

Every Saturday I used to get a free burger, fries and drink and watch sport in the sports bar.

They eventually scrapped the app; it was awesome considering I was a broke Uni student.

At my current apartment complex, they just changed the laundry machines so you need to use this super shitty slow app. I found out if you press start on the app and start on the machine and then back out of the app while it’s “chatting” with the machine, the machine will start but won’t charge any money.

Been washing and drying for free for a few months.

When Lyft first came out, they were giving away free rides up to like 20-30$ if I remember correctly, all you had to do was refer a friend.

So me and my college roommate just made a few email address, and somehow my free rides glitched and I just kinda had free rides for the year

Edit: I remember what caused the glitch: I had lost my debit card that was linked to the account, so I had to cancel it and get a new one. For some reason, Lyft kept processing payments to my old card, but it never came out of my bank account

Arby’s used to have a “take a survey on the back of the recipt and get a free roast beef sandwich”. But when I got the free one, I got a recipt then too. I bought one sandwich got literally dozens for free over the course of a year or so.

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