So You’re an X? Can you help me Y?

"Oh, you’re a programmer? I have a problem with my printer…". What’s the equivalent of this in your job? from AskReddit

Oh you’re an Occupational Therapist- Can you help me find a job

“Oh you’re a geologist? What kind of rock is this?” Just kidding, we love that shit and will tell you a long story of the history of that rock and how we saw examples in the field in the middle of nowhere.

ahaha yes we will!!

Other common questions include:

Is this a meteorite? (no, it’s industrial slag)
Is this a diamond? (no, it’s quartz)
How much is this rock/mineral/fossil worth? (probably $0)
Is this a dinosaur bone? (no it is not)
Is this gold? (no it’s pyrite/fools gold)

So you’re a statistician? …..

I never get to help friends and family with my professional skills 🙁

“oh you’re a mechanical engineer, can you fix my car?”

Yes but it’s going to cost 20 milion dollars in R&D. And another 2000$ for your psycholpgist

“Oh, you’re a chemical analyst? You must know how to make drugs”

Oh, you’re a therapist? tells me about their family member who really needs to see a therapist

DJRonin 9
“Oh you’re a Graphic Designer? Can you make a logo for me really quick? It’s for my cousin’s birthday. I don’t have any money to pay but I’ll have multiple revisions that will cut into your actual paying work time, but then get upset when you ask for payment”

Fuckin this. Same with cinematography and photography. I had a guy walk up to me the other day while doing street photography and ask me if I do music videos. I’m like ??? no, and even if I did I wouldn’t take a job from some random who walked up to me on the street and tried to make a verbal contract with no discussion of pay.