Noped Out – Examples of

What was your “Fuck this shit I’m out” moment? from r/AskReddit

Some young woman and an old lady were arguing about stolen underwear in our communal laundry room. Young woman called for her cracked out boyfriend who came running in with a gun drawn screaming bloody murder.

Noped right out. Then moved out that weekend.

I was a shift lead at a fast food joint located inside of a gas station. Our manager was worthless at hiring people, so we were perpetually understaffed for months. I was working 50-60 hours a week. Absolutely ridiculous. However, company policy was that there HAD to be two people working at all times.

This particular day, someone called out. Nobody would come in to cover the shift, so the manager was forced to stay and work a double. She decided that since the only reason she was there was because we would have to close otherwise, she was just going to hang out in the office and chat with the gas station employees. 3 hours into my shift, and I have been single handedly running the front counter, the drivethru, making all the food, doing prep and doing dishes. The dinner rush hit, I had like 4 cars in the drive thru, 8-9 people inside, and then I ran out of onions. (Because I couldn’t get the prep done) My mind just quit. Brain turned off, emotions went cold. I ripped off my headset, told the people inside that they weren’t getting their food, walked into the office and tossed my name tag, manager card, and hat at my boss. When she turned around in shock all I said was good luck and walked out the back.

Edit: Yoooo my fast food homies got my back. I can only wish I did something more badass.

A while back I was getting my food at a McDonald’s drive thru after school. This McDonalds shared half the building with a gas station. Around the edge of the gas station there were large bushes. I glanced between two pumps near the road outside and see a sketchy dude loading an AR while frantically glancing in random directions. He looked like he was on something and let’s just say I got the hell out of there. I don’t think he ever shot anybody, but it was still scary


I was a temp worker in a factory that made mayonnaise, during my break I get a call from my mom’s work. She’s had 5-6 strokes at the same time. I went to my supervisor and told him what happened. When he replied with “can’t you wait until your shift is over?” I took of my uniform and left the building without another word.

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My first job was at a grocery store and my department manager was a fucking asshole.

One day he was throwing a fit in the back room and threw a box of red wine vinaigrette dressing to the ground as I was walking past. Broken glass and nasty smelling dressing all over the place. He just turned, named me and said “clean this shit up” to which I was like nah. I’m out.