At what moment did you realize “Fuck I’m old”?

At what moment did you realize "Fuck I’m old"? from AskReddit

tamedreckless I’ll add mine since it was the reason I thought to ask this question…. Last week I sneezed and it threw my back out.

eDgAR– If it makes you feel better, I was 19 when that happened to me. I was so embarrassed I told eveyone I was helping my mom move something heavy when it happened.

ThisIsToMarkResearch They played Green Day and The Offspring on the “classic rock” radio station.

dangnabbitdamnit When I see popular reddit posts mentioning celebrities with weird ass names and I’m like, who the fuck are these people?

philman132 This isn’t just age, it’s also a product of the internet era. It used to be that everyone watched the same shows on the same few channels or listened to the same few radio stations, or whatever, so everyone knew the same celebrities. In this age where the monoculture has been shattered, everyone is watching different shows on Netflix, YouTube, etc, it’s so much easier to find niches, no one knows the same set of celebrities anymore.

Walshy231231 I’m 21 and in college, and I feel like there’s a new whack ass celebrity every day It’s just the internet I think

leafsblow When I mentioned Mr. T to my wife’s friend and she had no clue who I was talking about.

maxdarmawan Did you pity the fool?

RRuruurrr I was teaching a class last week and told my audience that they may need to MacGyver a solution if they come upon a certain problem. No one knew what that meant.

pcaltair I was born in 1999 and, while I’ve never actually watched it, I’m well aware of what that means.

Ienjoywearinghats I had to explain to someone how we used to organise meeting up before cell phones became a thing. That and having to use encyclopedias and other books to complete homework. I’m mid 30s. The reactions I was getting, It was like I was explaining how to split an atom using two sporks.

mlc15 I was literally just talking to my friend about that. Neither of us could wrap our heads around how you’d plan anything? If someone didn’t show up to your meet up did you just assume they couldn’t make it? How could you even call if there were a change of plans if you weren’t at home to use the phone?