Amazon Firestick Loses / Drops Connection – How to Fix

Problem – Amazon Firestick Drops Connection after 20 Minutes or so
Solution – Replaced HDMI extender

LEFT – Old and Busted
RIGHT – New Hotness

Solution found via amazon q/a page:

I had this problem and it was getting progressively worse over time. Tried all the recommended solutions. The fix turned out to be replacing the hdmi extender. I was using the one that came with the fire stick but it must have been going bad. I replaced it and no longer lose my internet connection.
Karissa ยท April 13, 2020

Original symptoms –
I’m watching a movie and then it stops and says connection gone. I go to reset connection and I get this:

It keeps saying it’s connecting but never connects. I know the WIFI connection is good cause my computer is working fine. I can actually watch the rest of the movie on my computer, if I want to.