Denver Internet Initiative

Who We Are
The Denver Internet Initiative is working to make sure that all Denver residents are able to get online at home so that they can participate and thrive in this new digital economy. In 2005, Colorado passed Senate Bill 152, a law which prevents municipalities from being involved with their own Internet. That means they can’t provide Internet, invest in Internet infrastructure, or create policies to make sure our Internet will be able to meet our future needs.

The Internet touches all aspects of daily modern life. It is education, banking, work, communication, health care and so much more. Our first goal is to opt-out of SB 152 so that we, the people of Denver, can play an active role in deciding what our Internet will look like, instead of leaving it up to Big Telecoms who are focused solely on financial returns.

We’re a group of Denver residents trying to make it happen and we need your help! Come volunteer with us and also join the conversation on Facebook to help us get the word out.
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