Little Things to Make the World a Better Place

What’s a little thing you do to make the world a better place? from AskReddit

I leave spare quarters in gumball machines. I like to think it makes somebody happy every once in a while.

Wait for people that get left behind. No bro left behind

I used to get left behind at family lunches and dinners, as I am a slow eater. An uncle of mine started staying with me till I finished my food. Probably cost him some time but meant a lot for me.

When someone gets cut off repeatedly in conversation I make an effort to make eye contact with them and say “Go ahead… I’m listening…” or something along those lines.

Recognize and thank a person for their help/efforts, no matter how small a task may seem

If I see a homeless person who has a dog, I stop and give him a bottle of water. The dog is probably thirsty, and the homeless person may not have frequent access to clean water.