Cary Grant as Cary Grant – Review by Tom Wolfe

“Cary Grant!” says the first one, coming right up and putting one hand on his shoulder. “Look at you! I just had to come over here and touch you!”

Cary Grant plays a wonderful Cary Grant. He cocks his head and gives the Cary Grant mock-quizzical look – just like he does in the movies – the look that says, “I don’t know what’s happening, but we’re not going to take it very seriously, are we? Or are we?”

“I have a son who is the spitting image of you,” she is saying.

Cary Grant is staring at her hand on his shoulder and giving her the Cary Grant fey-bemused look and saying, “Are you trying to hold me down?”

Loverboy of the Bourgeoisie, Tom Wolfe
via Roger Ebert’s Book of Film: From Tolstoy to Tarantino, the Finest Writing From a Century of Film